Publishing help????

I have not been able to publish the book (yet). If any of you out there are or know publishers, please tell them to check out my blog. Thanks in advance!!!

Three symbols of modern science…

The three are… The caduceus is a medical symbol, the staff of Hermes, the Greek messenger god. As you should know if you are reading this, this is dna. _______________________________________________________________ The staff of Hermes was taken from Greek Mythology. Hermes was a crazy Greek god who once stole Apollo’s herd of cows. Not only did he steal them, […]

Nobel Prize Winners…

No, it wasn’t me that won the Nobel Prize. But it was a few people who are in the same field as me. DNA. Genetics. DNA repair. The winners are: Tomas Lindahl Francis Crick Institute and Clare Hall Laboratory, Hertfordshire, UK Paul Modrich Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC, […]

Another sample…

A sample of book….     The Nucleus is the center of a cell. A cell is located in ,well, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!  Have you ever wondered how you fight off diseases, or why your blood is red,because the answers would be:white blood cells;red blood cells. The reason I was talking about proteins is because proteins take […]


When you see the DNA; you will see a great big ray. It will see your pack; and will start to attack your back.   (: Makes no sense, but rhymes 🙂 #suckslikeducks #nosenserhyming

Happy Thanksgiving guys.

If you comment, I will email you a whole chapter of my book. You must leave your email in the comment section, though. You can choose from any of these chapters: 1.What is DNA                  pg.5-6 Cells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          pg.7-9  Genetic Engineering pg.10-15 Evolution                 pg.16-17 DNA’s structure       pg.20-24 6.The Code                 pg.25-32 What happens when it goes wrong                    pg.33-39 […]